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Slintavka a kulhavka ve Velké Británii (9)

Origin of the virus

A first report "on potential breaches of biosecurity at Pirbright site" was released yesterday. It covers the results of the first investigations carried out within the Institute of Animal Health ad the Merial laboratory. The report confirms that there is a "strong probability" that the virus originated from those laboratories.

The report considers the probability of an airborne or waterborne release of virus from the facilities as negligible, even if further investigation is being carried out into the drainage on the Pirbright site.

On the other side, accidental or intentional release of virus by human movement is considered to be "a real possibility" and investigations are continuing in this direction.

The lead investigator declared that, based on those findings, "there is no reason to prevent the Institute for Animal Health from operating", while "the situation regarding Merial is less clear cut" and further investigations should be done "before any operations involving live pathogens are restarted" at Merial.


Movements for slaughter in Scotland

In Scotland since today it is again possible, under certain conditions, to send FMD susceptible animals for slaughter. Conditions include:

  • specific licence granted by the authority;
  • the slaughterhouse have to agree to receive the animals (food chain information 24 hours in advance) and communicate to the authorities the list of premises from which it receives animals;
  • cleaning and disinfection of vehicles at slaughterhouses after movements;
  • conditions relating to clothes/hygiene etc. used by the personnel in slaughterhouse.


National measures in other Member States

Restrictions to movements remain in force in France and in the Netherlands. Such measures may remain in place for 21 days (incubation period of the disease).


Live animals:

  • collecting centre and all animal gatherings remain closed;
  • movements allowed include direct movements from farm to farm or from farm to slaughterhouses;
  • direct imports/exports are also allowed.


  • meat and products thereof (unless heat treated) produced in the UK after 15 July and already distributed in France before enforcement of the ban are being recalled all over France.


All movements of live animals remain banned, unless direct transports from farms to slaughterhouses. Imports and exports are therefore completely banned.


EU meeting

As already indicated, this afternoon a meeting of the Standing Committee will take place between the EU Commission and Member States.


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