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Slintavka a kulhavka ve Velké Británii (12)

Additional case within the second outbreak and enlargement of protection/surveillance zone

A positive finding was reported yesterday in a second herd of the holding where the outbreak No 2 was reported. The herd was farmed within the protection zone itself, but eastern to the farms already affected. This means that, while the number of confirmed outbreaks does not change (2 outbreaks), the protection and surveillance zones have been slightly enlarged. Find attached a map with the new zones.

Suspicion outside the surveillance zone

Last night a suspicion of an outbreak slightly outside the surveillance zone (east) was reported, in the same region as the confirmed outbreaks (Surrey). As a preventative measure a temporary control zone of 3 km around the suspected holding was established, while waiting for the results of the analyses. In this temporary control zone a complete ban on movements has been imposed. Find attached a map with the temporary restricted zone.

Commission Decision adopted and published

The Commission Decision voted at the Standing Committee on 8 August was adopted yesterday and published as Decision 2007/554/EC. The previous Decision has been therefore repealed. The text of the new Decision is in line with the one sent out yesterday with e-mail UECBV-E-0633-2007.


In the meanwhile 300.000 doses of strain-specific vaccine have been ordered from the vaccine bank. However, any decision has not been taken about their possible use.

Press release DEFRA UK 9 August

Foot and Mouth Disease update: Temporary control zone established in Surrey

This evening a 3km radius Temporary Control Zone has been put around one premises in Surrey outside of the existing Surveillance Zone.

This precautionary measure follows an inconclusive assessment of clinical symptoms by Animal Health veterinary staff. The national movement ban remains in place. In addition, in the Temporary Control Zone, general licences will not apply for the movement of animals to slaughter and collection of dead animals from farms.

Debby Reynolds, Chief Veterinary Officer said:

"This is a developing disease situation. The containment and eradication of FMD remains our priority. This is why we have moved swiftly to put in place a Temporary Control Zone while we investigate this development. At this stage disease has not been confirmed, laboratory results will follow.

"In the meantime, as I have done from the start of this outbreak, I reiterate my message to animal keepers to practice the highest standards of biosecurity, remain vigilant for disease and report any suspicions quickly."

With effect from Friday 10th August, to prevent acute welfare problems in the specific area of the Protection and Surveillance Zones the decision has also been taken to issue a general licence permitting the movement of feed and fodder within a farm, and the direct delivery to a farm of feed and fodder from outside the zones.

In addition burial of animals on the farm where they died will be permitted within the Protection and Surveillance Zones from Friday.



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